Sewing Hands

Sewing Hands
Peggy, Cheryl, Sara, Deborah, Sharon, Kathy, Lois, Evelyn

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Fun Day At Forge Ridge With Third Graders

The day continued with a visit to the 28 third graders.

This class was so appreciative!  One little girl asked if the blankets were free - she had a very big smile when we said that they were a gift and that everyone could take them home.  

Sharon explained that many ladies worked hard to make the blankets for them because we wanted them to be warm this winter but to also know that they were special and loved.

Deborah and Sharon  received many, many hugs.  It was a very happy day for everyone.

A Fun Day At Forge Ridge with the First Graders

Deborah and Sharon packed up the truck and started out on their 2 hour drive to Forge Ridge School very early this morning.

There were 28 students in first grade.

These little ones were adorable.  When Sharon asked them if they got snow in the winter, one little boy very excitedly said that he wished for snow last year and his wish came true!

They all could not believe that the blankets were theirs to take home.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All Ready For Forge Ridge !

Deborah and Sharon will be delivering blankets for 1st and 3rd grade to Forge Ridge School on Wednesday, September 10th.

Next, we will be working on the quilts for 2nd grade which will be delivered late winter.  If you would like to help with quilt tops we need 8 boys and 8 girls by the end of January.  Second grade is approximately 8 years old.

Thank you and Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Successful Blanket Tie at South College

The Legal Studies Dept. of South College agreed to host Sewing Hands for a blanket tie at the school today.  Two years ago Deborah and Sharon were at the college as a part of their "day of caring".  Then they were trying to meet the goal of 78 blankets for Laurel Bloomery.  17 blankets were tied by students, faculty, and staff.

Today Sharon took in 20 blankets.  Unfortunately Deborah was in Florida and although hopeful Sharon was questioning whether all 20 would be finished.  Great News !!!  All 20 blankets were tied in 3 1/2 hours.

Criminal Justice, Health Science and Nuclear Medicine students came to tie along with faculty and staff.  They say Tennessee is the Volunteer State and today the folks at South College proved that right.  Here are some of the happy faces that worked hard to make sure that the children of Forge Ridge School are nice and warm this winter.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

South College Community Service Event

Tuesday, August 26th the Legal Studies Department at South College is hosting a blanket tie to help Sewing Hands with the 2015-16 Forge Ridge School project.

Sharon is taking 20 blankets.....

                                                                                      will they all get tied?????

Check back to see how this event turns out.

Laurel Bloomery

Two years ago Sewing Hands delivered over 70 blankets and quilts to ALL of the students at Laurel Elementary School.  If you scroll down through the blog you will be able to read that story and revisit the exciting time Deborah and Sharon had driving through Virginia in order to get to a school tucked away in the Appalachian region of Tennessee.

Last year we sent the school a box for the kindergarten class - that way every student at the school still had something warm for the winter.  And loaded up in my vehicle is the box for this year's kindergarten class ready to be shipped!

Many of you continue to tie blankets for Sewing Hands.  I wanted you to know that not only are you participating in the current project but are helping us continue to give to past projects too.  Thank you for all that you willingly and happily do.  Just remember that each fleece blanket will be wrapped around a little one this winter as they watch TV or will tuck them in all snugly warm while they sleep during a cold Tennessee winter night.

Shepherd's Home Delivery

We often times say "it's a small world" but that phrase really hit home to me this past Friday when I was making the delivery to the Shepherd's Home in Jacksboro, TN.  For those of you who don't know, I was a probation officer in Naples, Florida before moving to Tennessee where I began teaching criminal justice at South College.  During those almost 19 years working for Collier County I made friends with Elena Yuskiewicz.  She was one of the support staff that everyone relied very heavily on.  Lo and behold after I moved to Maryville she also moved to Tennessee to be closer to her son.  Elena started volunteering at the Shepherd's Home and after Elena told us of the marvelous work they do we knew we had found one of our  2014 project sites.
Sharon and Elena

The Shepherd's Home is a faith-based transitional living home for women.  This agency provides a foundation for a continued life of sobriety and productivity.  They give an environment of love, hope, help and encouragement to their residents.  The women learn job skills, social skills, money management, health education, and participate in the community all while nurturing their faith.

Judge Shane Sexton from the 8th Judicial Drug Court endorsed Shepherd's Home when he said "Since its inception, the Shepherd's Home has proven to be a safe and effective alternative to a life of addiction and suffering.  It continues to be a blessing to the women and families of the area."

I was able to meet some of the administrators and board members on Friday.  They were thrilled with our gifts and couldn't wait for the residents to get home from work and see what was done for them.

They fit perfectly !

Thank you to all of our Sewing Hands who contributed to this project.  I hope that you realize the impact you have made on another woman's life.  I know you enjoy using your creative talents but in doing so you have also shown love and have given hope to many.

Sharon and Deborah