Sewing Hands

Sewing Hands
Peggy, Cheryl, Sara, Deborah, Sharon, Kathy, Lois, Evelyn

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Bitter Sweet Finish

Mom and I recently counted the number of items Sewing Hands had made.  We couldn't believe it when we reached 1,000.  Dresses, shorts, pillowcases, blankets and quilts have all been handmade and given to those in need over the past 5 years.

We also were amazed at the locations Sewing Hands reached:


We have been to orphanages, drug treatment centers, homeless shelters, battered women's shelters, and schools.

We have met some beautiful children and were brought to tears by their genuine appreciation for the small blanket we gave them.

We have met some wonderful women who labored for hours sewing, tying, and binding.

We have received generous donations from our "angels".

It has been a good 5 years but it is time to retire.....or at least slow down (I'm sure small projects will be done by both Mom and myself as different needs arise in our communities).

So to everyone who has helped us, donated to us and encouraged us - Thank you.  It has been a good 5 years.



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Delivery to Forge Ridge

February, 2016

It's hard to believe that we have finished the Forge Ridge School project.  It seems like we all have been tying blankets and sewing quilts forever.  Deborah and Sharon basted the last 50 quilts this past fall and Sharon has been diligently quilting them throughout the winter.

We also gained three new Sewing Hands from Tennessee.  Frieda, Harriet and Diane were instrumental in helping Sharon bind the last 50 quilts.

Harriet busy binding away

The delivery was postponed a few days due to snow but this past Monday - in the pouring rain - the 7th and 8th graders received their quilts.  As you can see from the smiling faces they were very happy to receive them.

Last year we found out that the school's archery team made it to the Finals so we made a special wall hanging. The principal was very surprised.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

5th and 6th Grade Delivery

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  Needless to say - it was a GOOD day !

Forge Ridge School here we come......

Early Wednesday morning on a beautifully cool Fall morning we packed up the SUV and headed to the Tennessee/Kentucky border.  I don't think we could have fit even one more blanket.

Blanket Tie Day at South College

South College once again came through for Sewing Hands.  This past Monday the faculty got together for our last "blanket tie day".  They cut and tied 17 blankets.  Thank you to everyone who participated !!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Forge Ridge is on the horizon !

Even though most of us are experiencing 90 plus degree weather (notice I didn't say enjoying), many Sewing Hands have been looking ahead to this winter and have been very busy working on the last four grades for the Forge Ridge School.

In October Deborah and Sharon will be delivering blankets for the 5th and 6th graders and quilts for 7th and 8th.  Thankfully there are many people who are helping....

Cheryl has sent an email saying that 10 quilt tops for boys are on their way to Tennessee.
Evelyn sent 6 beautiful tops for the girls.

Sharon has been busy making a few tops too......

So far this is what is waiting for the next step - basting, quilting and binding...

We also have had some donations:  Thank you Bev for the adorable fleece panel that we will use for a kindergartner.  Thank you Harriet for the bolt of batting that we will use for 5 quilts!  South College has agreed to host a blanket tie day in October. We appreciate everyone's hard work and interest in what we are doing.

Happy Sewing,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Four More Grades To Go

Boxes are already piling up in Tennessee for the big push this Fall and Winter to finish up Forge Ridge School.  Next school year's 5th and 6th grade classes will receive fleece blankets.  7th and 8th grade will receive quilts. What you see here is the entire 5th grade all ready for labels.  We had a wonderful donation last winter that made completing this entire grade possible.  Thank you to the angel who gave his tithing to Sewing Hands.

Thank you to everyone who contributes in any way to what we do as Sewing Hands.  I wish all of you could accompany me when the deliveries are made.  The smiles and hugs from the kids just make your heart melt.  

Have a wonderful Summer - and keep sewing!